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Recently, I’ve really started to wonder: Could there be a secret “psychological land grab” going on by the best of the best marketers?

When I spot a cow, I think it should be purple, all due to Seth Godin(Open Link in new window). Chris Brogan springs to mind every time I see the word “Owner(Open Link in new window),” and I can’t even walk past a bowl of satsumas without thinking of Joe Pulizzi and Content Marketing World’s orangey goodness(Open Link in new window).

And soon, any time I hear the word “hater,” I’’ll be running over to give the person a big hug, thanks to the one and only Jay Baer(Open Link in new window).

What is going on? Is this the new “URL grab of the mind,” to trigger brand-related thoughts whenever we see or hear things in the real world? Or has it simply been an aspect of marketing all along, just done well?

Well, what if I told you that there may well be a super-charged way to have people think of you and your brand when they see everyday words and objects?

I’ve spent years teaching people communication skills, on and offline, and recently have stumbled on a fun way to show people how to create stickiness between your brand and that special “something else.” I like to use the word “magnetic.”

It’s a great way to stay “top of mind.” It’s about connecting people to your slogans, images, and branding as a whole. Most importantly, it’s about being top of mind over and over again when they see or hear that magnetic thing.

A Brand-Building Case Study
For the past six weeks, I’ve been looking at ways to use social to build a new brand called We Dig.

The idea is this: We are hijacking hearts—and minds—in the process of building this brand. Every time someone sees a heart symbol (and hearts are everywhere!), they’ll connect it with the We Dig brand. It’s subtle, but it really does work.

Remember: Your brand doesn’t have to be known by everyone—just the people you want to know, like, and trust you.

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